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Malaysian Teh Tarik

It's been a few months already actually, but I went on vacation to Malaysia and brought several recipes home. Every time I go somewhere I do my best to bring back a local cookbook and share those recipes with family. Teh Tarik however, was not something from a cookbook, but something I found on the streets.

Teh means 'tea', while Tarik means 'to pull' or 'pulled'. The name refers to the way the tea is made: by pouring the tea from one cup to the other and creating a frothy top. You can create even more froth by pulling away your hand further and thus creating a great difference in height. Teh tarik is one of the beverages commonly sold in restaurants - or on the street! It was probably brought in by Indian-Muslim immigrants, along with Roti Canai - which is another lovely dish and another story altogether.

Other than the commercially sold version, I wasn't able to taste any Teh Tarik in Malaysia at all. But when I came home I had to share it with my f…

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