Friday, October 6, 2017

Malaysian Teh Tarik

It's been a few months already actually, but I went on vacation to Malaysia and brought several recipes home. Every time I go somewhere I do my best to bring back a local cookbook and share those recipes with family. Teh Tarik however, was not something from a cookbook, but something I found on the streets.

Teh means 'tea', while Tarik means 'to pull' or 'pulled'. The name refers to the way the tea is made: by pouring the tea from one cup to the other and creating a frothy top. You can create even more froth by pulling away your hand further and thus creating a great difference in height. Teh tarik is one of the beverages commonly sold in restaurants - or on the street! It was probably brought in by Indian-Muslim immigrants, along with Roti Canai - which is another lovely dish and another story altogether.

Other than the commercially sold version, I wasn't able to taste any Teh Tarik in Malaysia at all. But when I came home I had to share it with my family, knowing that my sister and mother would love the sweet milk tea. I've researched, experimented and taste-tested to come up with the following recipe:

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Dutch Bolussen

Bolussen are a traditional Dutch swirled sugar-bun similar to monkeybread, sticky buns, skillingsboller and cinnamon roll. There are different kinds of bolussen available in The Netherlands depending on the region you are in. Zeeuwse bolussen, from the south, are by far the most known. Every year there's a contest for the 'Best Zeeuwse Bolusbaker' to keep the tradition! The Zeeuwse bolussen are very dark, relatively flat swirls of dough coated in sticky sugar. My bolussen resemble them, but are by far not as darkly coated and are a bit more '3D'.

Bolussen are a dying-and-reappearing tradition. For years it was only available in some regions of the Netherlands or in (specialty) bakeries. A great deal of Holland has never even heard of bolussen! However, over the recent years it's been popping up in supermarkets. Bolussen are eaten for breakfast or lunch as a treat. Occasionally they're cut in chunks and served with tea. Bolussen are usually served cold with butter, but warm buns make a delicious sunday morning treat!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Jam flavour-combination Inspiration Sheet

I've been making a lot of jams over the past years and it's the season again! I've tried a lot of combinations of flavours and I thought I'd compile them all up into a 'simple' cheatsheet.  I love trying to come up with new unique flavours to see what works. The list is in no way intended to be a comprehensive list, but I hope it inspires you!

Fruits in alphabetical order:
All combinations of 2 fruits
All combinations of 3 fruits (suggestions)
All combinations of 4+ fruits
*Common combinations

Saturday, March 12, 2016

French Langues de chat (Cat tongue biscuits)

With just 2 days to White Day, I wanted a quick and easy recipe for cookies up. But that was assuming you'd celebrate White Day. What if you don't know what it is?

White Day - 14 March, exactly one month after 14 February. On Valentine's Day women in Japan hand out chocolate to the men (I explained it before here). Exactly one month later, it's up to the men to return the favour. Usually they give out cookies, marshmallows or chocolate. Just like the women a month earlier, men are expected to give presents to colleagues, as well as their girlfriends. They should also man up and return at least as much as, but preferably 3 times the worth of the Valentines present! 

Honestly, these cookies are reason enough to bake them. It's an easy recipe and the cookies are simply delicious (simply - easy, get it?). I bet you have all the ingredients you need in your house right now!