Sunday, September 28, 2014

5-Minute Mustard (roughly.)

Delicious, home-made and done in 5 minutes. Oh, and not to forget extremely easy, versatile and delicious. Did I mention delicious? Or that it's home-made and you're in total control of all the yummy stuff you put into it? And that it's extremely easy and done in only 5 minutes?

Wait, did I mention it was mustard?

You would not believe how easy it is to make mustard. Nor will you believe how good it tastes. Quite frankly, I hope you won't read anything of all the rants I usually rant and just run to your kitchen to try it out. You've got nothing to loose here.

I really wanted to try it myself, so I compiled a perfect recipe and set to work. After it was done I asked my mom for an evaluation, but all I got was "Woah, it's good!". And then after I asked if it needed salt or sugar: "Yes, it's good". And then after I explained it might need more salt or sugar the answer was "Mhm, it's good. Oh no, no more salt, it's good". So far the helpfulness of parents, but on the bright side the mustard appears to be good! (I told you this already right?)

Friday, September 19, 2014

Thai sweet&sour chilli sauce (Nam jim priu wan)

Sweet and sour chili sauce is unmistakably intertwined with the Asian cuisine and is at least as popular all over the world, as it is in Asia. The sauce is used in a number of different ways and there are hundreds of different recipes out there. Very basically there are two different sweet and sour sauces: one used in cooking (like for wok, or as chicken rub) and one used as a dipping-sauce.

I made this last version - a sweet and sour, spicy dipping sauce. I love this with spring rolls or fried chicken, but you can use this like anyone would use mayonnaise or ketchup. I've seen my mom dip it into the strangest things. Like, really, THE strangest things. (not kidding!)

And now after a big family bbq I've got half the family requesting the sauce. It's like everyone's favourite sauce. Perhaps it's time I start making these in bulk, rather than a new bottle every single week. Honestly, I think I should start a factory...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Power of Eggs

Wauw, it's been a while hasn't it? And technically it's not even the first Thursday of the month, but I've been gathering more and more information and I'm dying to share it! So, wanna know what I found out about eggs?
Fresh eggs straight from our backyard!

Monday, September 8, 2014

American Ketchup from China

I really, really really really really, wanted to start a series on 5 famous sauces with mayonnaise. Perhaps it's not a staple sauce where you are, but over here practically everything is served with mayonnaise. We don't go for ketchup, we do mayonnaise. But for the life of me, I swear, I suck at making mayonnaise. I've made 3 batches. I tested different oils, different recipes and the consistency was perfect!

But the flavour was beyond horrid. It was like eating pure oil in a more solid state. It was inedible. But technically mayonnaise IS oil, so perhaps I did it all right and we're just not used to eating mayonnaise here anymore? (because actually, we never do.)

Is there anyone out there that can make mayonnaise? What kind of recipe do you use? And honestly: do you think I'm hopeless or just turned weird? Because I'd love to know..

Anyway, because of my lack of mayonnaise I just skipped straight to ketchup. Which is only one of the worlds most famous sauces ever and anywhere. It's made of tomatoes, so it's practically healthy as well.