Sunday, October 19, 2014

Busines & birthdays~ (scroll down to see the cake!)

Oh life is so hectic again. Every time I have to put my blog in second place a part of me screams and shouts and halfway dies. On top of that - right now is the most blog-worthy time of the year! Halloween is coming up and I just love the whole theme of pumpkins, bats, spiders & vampires and so on.. It's a pity we don't celebrate it here.

AND it's ALMOST Christmas! Thinking of that literally gives me a near heart attack - that's how excited I am! I feel like a little kid on Christmas eve just DYING to open presents, but I've still got so so sooo long to wait!!

While I'm waiting for Christmas, I'm waking up every morning at 5 to go to work and coming home at 7 in the evening again. I give myself some time to eat and rest, and then it's off to bed otherwise I won't be able to make the crazy time schedule I suddenly have. (That picture was from when the sun just came up at 6 in the morning - there's none of that happening anymore now!) Blogging has suddenly become a luxury like never before...

Sunday, October 5, 2014

An unexpected combo - Pumpkin bread

Not everything in life goes as planned. 

I really wanted to write something on another sauce or condiment - I had my mom's killer-pesto in mind which she serves almost every weekend now. And I wanted to rant about Oktoberfest, through a recipe of the famous German pretzels. But my final batch pretzels failed since I was too busy to pay attention and as for the pesto - we simply ate it.

Which kind of left me writing about something that may not have been my intention but is currently all over my mind - Pumpkins. PUMPKINS! It's autumn: I must bake with pumpkins!! It's been colder for a while now, but finally the feeling hit me: it's autumn, we're heading into winter, it's nearly Christmas. I tried to explain it to my mom. She just looked at me funny. I tried explaining it again: