Saturday, November 8, 2014

Flour (Part I) - The final ingrediënt

So I’ve touched on butter, sugar, eggs and milk. We’ve almost got a full (Quarter) Pound Cake. We’re just missing one very important and essential ingredient: flour. Which baked good doesn’t use flour? Honestly. This stuff is important and you know it.

Components of flour
First if all, what IS flour? To understand the purpose of flour it’s crucial to know where it comes from. Flour is milled from grains such as wheat. The wheat grains are made up of several layers:
 - Endosperm. The center of the grain. It contains starch, protein, carbohydrates and small amount of oil.
- Brain (bran). The outer husk of the grain. Contains mostly fiber, but also adds texture and colour to flour.
 - Germ. The reproductive epicenter of the grain. It contains the most nutrients. Flours with germ are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. It also contains a small amount of fat.
All flours contain the endosperm. Quite frankly, most (white) flours only contain this part. The bran and germ are found in whole wheat flours.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Rest of the world in my oven: Sauces & condiments

After all the beverages I wanted to share some condiments. Heaven knows where I got the idea, but I wanted to try making some classic sauces myself - mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup just to name a few. How did it go?

The home made Mustard was the greatest success - soooo easy! I was really surprised by how well it turned out. I completely nailed the Sweet & sour chilli sauce as well - they're a weekly request now! (come to think of it - my mom eats a whole jar of sauce per week?!) The only thing I couldn't do was mayonnaise. Why is that so hard? It turned out as a solid oil which was completely inedible. Do you think you can do it better?

Thank you so much to all the lovely bloggers who let me share their posts! I wish I could taste all of your amazing recipes, but they're on my list now and I'm sure they'll find a way into my kitchen soon!