Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thai green sticky rice (Khao Niao Kaew)

Since I've been cooking at home a lot, I realized I was leaning more and more towards Asian cuisine. It's something I can't stop. I simply love cooking anything Asian - even the spicy dishes I can't eat! I'm not sure if I just have the kind of personality that is bound to get along well with Asian culture. Perhaps it has something to do with our family living in Thailand for many years.

This is one of those dishes that brings back memories. I ended up going to a Thai restaurant with my sister and we ordered this desert. It got us pointing and giggling and (very quietly) screaming in delight. We totally knew this flavour!! The rice, pandan and coconut milk just scream Thailand all over. So I made it again at home.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Vlaai fillings (also for pies)

There are as many types of vlaai as there are... different types of pencils. different hair-styles. different types of pastry. different colours in the rainbow, different molucule combinations in a single high-pressured valve of chemicals [hypothetically speaking]. You get my point right? So I wouldn't be able to do you any just by just giving you one recipe. I want to give you the recipe as shown on the pictures and two popular fillings that have had people begging for more for roughly over a few hundred or something years.

Oh, wait! You don't know what a vlaai is? Head over to this post where I explain the whole thing. In short, it's a traditional Dutch pie crust. But unlike a pie, where the crust is made of mainly butter and flour, a vlaai crust is made of dough. The buttery yeast-dough is what makes a vlaai a vlaai.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Dutch Vlaai

We've had quite a few birthdays this year already, and I've been asked to make cakes for at least 3 of those. For some funny reason people keep asking me for roughly the same sorts of cakes every time. One of these is the famous, traditional Dutch Vlaai. May I introduce you? 

Vlaai |vly| noun [C] (pl. vlaaien; ENG vlaais) 1. Pastry that consist of a dough base and a filling. 2. Pastry with upright edges covered in a fruit compote
These are actual dictionary inputs. The second 'dictionary explanation of vlaai' actually comes from THE Official Dutch dictionary (online version). I think it's the most inaccurate sorts of explanation I've seen. Apart from my horrible translation of 'upright edges', this is like saying a pie is 'a pastry crust filled with chopped apple'. Does that cover pies for you? I doubt it.

So let's try again, for my own explanation:
Vlaai |vly| noun [C] (pl. vlaaien; ENG vlaais) 1. Type of pastry similar to pie that consist of a yeast dough crust and a filling: I have a strong desire to eat a vlaai - Limburgse vlaai