Thursday, June 11, 2015

Turrón blando de almendras - Now that sounds fancy

This is one of those recipes that lets you make something super fancy with just a few common ingredients. I've been wanting to try making Turrón ever since I tasted it the first time. I just never did because I thought it would be too difficult. How silly of me.

A 4 ingredient delicacy? Don't mind if I do.

Quite a while ago by now - I went on a trip to Barcelona to visit my sister there. Everywhere you went in Barcelona that could even remotely have something to do with food, would have Turrón. Barcelona, and I believe Spain in general, is proud of it's Turrón.

Traditionally a Christmas desert, you can find it on every corner of the street the whole year through. There are so many different kinds! Some look like nougat, some are fudgy others look more like caramelized nuts or chocolate bars. I mean just look at the different varieties!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Norwegian 'Bløtkake' Birthday cake

I've been on a wee lil' vacation, which is why I'm a day late posting. But no, it wasn't to Norway. Although part of me wishes it had been - Norway looks like such a beautiful country! Anyway - without further ado: Bløtkake aka the Norwegian Birthday cake.

Here's what's make a Bløtkake a bløtkake: a sponge cake in layers, fruits and/or jam and whipped cream. Since it's a birthday cake: you're free to 'customize' it in whatever way you like. There are typically two or three layers of cake, but you can opt for five or more if you like. In between the layers cake you could find jam, fresh fruits or whipped cream or any combination of these three. The cake as a whole is then covered in whipped cream (although I've seen marzipan as well). Lastly, it's decorated with fresh fruits and more whipped cream. Berries seem to be a favourite - especially strawberry.