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Swedish Chokladbollar

Fika and Choklabollar - I'm not entirely sure anymore which one I learned about first, but you'll soon notice the two are very intertwined in Swedish culture. Sweden is in fact one of the top 10 countries of the highest coffee consumption in the world. Coffee is a big part of fika and the Swedish fika a lot. Fika very basically means taking a coffee break - usually this means going out, but you can do it at home too. Often friends are involved, as is Swedish pastry. You don't NEED to have chokladbollar, a kanelbullar, prinsesstårta or kladkaka with your coffee, but more often than not you'll have one anyway. These sweets are so much a part of Swedish fika that most of them have a holiday of their own - the 11th of May is Chokladbollens dag. We missed it.

But don't worry! Chokladbollar are not bound to any season, so you will find them all year round in roughly every coffee place in Sweden. Everyone knows what chokladbollar are. Delving into the history of th…

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