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A (Semi-)Comprehensive list of Sugars

I explained before what sugar does in baking. But I never actually said anything about where sugar comes from and I definitely never enlightened anyone on how many different types of sugar there are. This last one keeps amazing me every time - almost every country has their own special sugar! Below, I've made a list of all the different sugars -sometimes the same sugar with a different name- I've found so far. It's a work in progress so bear with me. I'd love to hear if you have anything to add!

Note: I'll explain more about what sugar is and how it's made (or why dark brown sugar yields moister cakes and what is sucrose?) in a different post, which might explain some of the terms and differences between the sugars. Sugars and sweeteners from other sources than sugar beets, sugar cane or palm have been omitted from this list - they're not always a good substitute for white sugar in baking and may need a little extra explaining.

White sugars Sugar can b…

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