Simple sushi

- This is the oldest post I still have! I remember deleting a lot of posts because I was so embarrassed of them, and this is the oldest one that managed to survive. Even though (I assume) it's better than the ones I deleted, I could still hide in embarrassment, but I'm also really happy that I am still blogging and that I continue to learn - 

Making sushi really is one of the most simple things to do. It does take a lot of time though. But it's really fun to do with some company ^^ Watch out that you dont eat too much while making it! You might not have anything left for when you need it xP
I wrote the recipe on another site once, and actually was too lazy to adjust it, so just copied it. It doesnt make the recipe less though xP
Just to show you how my table looks like when we are making sushi again, I have a picture. Due to the lack of any better pictures, I'll update as soon as possible.


- sushi nori (seaweed leaves)
- sushi rice
- sushi vinegar if you want it xD
- egg
- sugar
- crabsticks
- salmon
- mayonaise
- cucumber, tomato or whatever kinda vegetables you can think of!

First cook the rice! With enough water, dun burn it.. Then let it cool down. In the meanwhile mix the egg with a bit of sugar (I dunno, two eggs with a spoon?) and frie it in a pan. Let this one cool down too. Make sure you have a knife, spoon, breadcutterknifethinggiething, a plate and space! Dumb all the food you need on the table and sit down :) take a sushi nori leaf, dump rice on one edge and spread it out. Put mayonais on it (if you like) and then put crabsticks on it (these go best with mayonaise). You can also add the egg and a bit of cucumer. Really tastes nice, make sure to role it up and use rice as glue to make the end stick. Make sushi with whatever other ingredients you have too and eat them! Make sure to add some sauce, just to make it taste a bit better xD Soy sauce is cool for it.. or mix a bit of wasabi paste with say sauce for ehh.. wasabi sauce.. also tastes really good :)

Type: This is the kinda food you wanna be making when you have A LOT of time (it takes a lot of time, believe me, can take two hours for just a small amount of sushi) and still want to keep it simple. It's really not hard to make. Also good for when you're not too hungry, but want to eat a lot... Or for when it's really hot, and you don't want WARM food inside of you xD

This picture is from my Christmas dinner '09. Ready to start making sushi!



Some sushi we made, ready to eat! Including wasabi saus. It's lovely!