Chocolate salami

Have you ever heard of the site I like to stare at it sometimes. It has a million pictures of people who cooked, baked or combined loads of different kinds of food. I was staring at it again for a while, which was when I stumbled on this recipe. I’d never heard of chocolate salami and it sounded really peculiar. Obviously you have to try it right?


100 grams biscuit
55 grams (milk) chocolate
38 grams butter
40 grams sugar
1 small egg
powdered sugar

1. Crush the biscuits. Don’t leave them to big or to small, about one to a half fingertip will do.
2. Melt the chocolate and butter over a low fire. When melted take it off the fire.
3. Add the sugar to the chocolate and butter and mix it in.
4. Beat the egg slightly before mixing it in as well.
5. Use greaseproof paper or kitchen foil to roll the mixture into a cylinder. If you’ve ever made sushi, it goes exactly the same way except you’re using a chocolate-biscuit mixture in stead of rice and foil in stead of sushi nori.
6. Leave in the fridge until set. This will take about an hour.
7. Roll the chocolate salami out of the foil and cover it in powdered sugar so it doesn’t stick. And done! Cut into slices to serve.


I made one roll the day before yesterday and I cut it into slices to take pictures of it later, when I came back it was completely gone. I got compliments of the rest of the family that it was very delicious. So I was forced to make it again yesterday to be able to make pictures. Also my mom asked me if I could make more because she really liked it. Obviously I wanted to taste a bit more than just the edges I trimmed off myself too! Guess what happened next? My mom blamed the dogs for eating most of it and asked me to make another one. So I made the roll again today. There you have it! I made the same recipe three days in a row! It’s really easy and doesn’t take long either. You could easily change the recipe to your liking as well. Today I soaked raisins in rum for a while and added them to this recipe. You could also use white or dark chocolate in stead of milk. You can add different kinds of nuts, dried fruits or alcohol. You can even change the shape of the cylinder. I might use this recipe for the dessert table I’m making. I could easily turn make little balls instead and cover them in more chocolate and call them bonbons!