Short notice - post delayed

There's a post! Finally! It's going to be a bit different because all the recipes I had in mind failed. Also, we had a lot of cakes leftover from the weekend, so I wasn't really allowed to bake much. (aww...)

Anyway, it was my sisters 18th birthday! (Happy Birthday!!) And even though I had an exam and I was studying myself to death.. I still managed to help her make a cake, destroy it, redo it and eventually save it. This took 5 times the amount of time I scheduled for it. (But I think I still managed to pass that test)

Here, the only picture that looked half decent of the cake that completely and utterly failed:

It was supposed to be a white cake with decorations on it. But the white chocolate icing didn't really want to look nice. At all. It fell off the cake, refused to harden and was separating from the cream it was beat into. After messing with it for an hour or so, I decided to do something completely different: I sprayed the whole thing grass-green and turned the pink and purple decorations into flowers. I pasted some Lego ponies on the sides of the cake and put a massive glittery plastic tower on top. My mom and I agreed it was perfect for a 5-year-olds birthday.

Unfortunately, my sister was turning 18. Yes. Not entirely what we expected. You'll understand then, why I was completely surprised when my sister said: "Oh, that looks quite nice". I'm sorry? Where did we go right?! (On a side-note: all her guests loved the cake as well and thought it was delicious. Perhaps I'm just a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to baking?)

So just to make it up to her I made a second cake after my exams:

That looks a lot better doesn't it? Of course I wanted to make an apple crumble cake and decided to put fondant over that. Have you ever tried putting fondant over an apple crumble cake? I mean, who does that?

Please look forward to another recipe next Monday! We'll be going back to the Halloween Spirit. And: I'll be updating my website-banner soon! I'm all excited about it and I really hope you'll like it too!


  1. Ha! Lego ponies!?!? Looooove it! Good save! Seriously - I bet that first cake was darling and mighty delicious! But yes - the second cake is definitely more stunning - awesome fondant work there! Wow - I'm so glad that your test seems to have gone ok after such a crazy weekend of cake! :D

    1. Haha, you always make my day Shelly! :) I'm not quite sure how I managed to pull it all off either, but now I should have a little more time to - no actually, NOW I have my thesis to worry about. I haven't even had time to check what delicious goodies you've made these past weeks!

  2. You sound like me baking up a storm when you really should be studying! Maybe we have our priorities backwards sometimes but what the heck!

    1. We've still made it so far right? Plus while studying you need brainfood... I'm not sure about you, but I NEED FOOD when I study :P constantly!! So baking actually helps with studying! Yes! That's it!!


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