Wauw! Its a New Banner!

If you've been here before you'll notice I completely changed my banner. I wanted to go for something a lot simpler and sophisticated.

In the new banner I added some more swirls. Because I LOVE those pretty swirls! Also you'll see a compass, which symbolizes the journey we're taking through the world of food. Because as long as I keep exploring the world of food, I will learn more and see more and get to taste so much more! Just thinking about it makes me so excited! There's sooo much food I still need to try from sooo many different countries, I'll be surprised if I ever get to learn half of it. But even learning a quarter of it would mean the world to me!

So here's that new banner: (if you haven't noticed it above)

Mind you, it's actually still a work in progress. I won't stop until I'm satisfied! (which can take a while, as I don't actually have all the time in the world to wonder about whether I'm satisfied or not.)

And here's the old banner:

It's so different! I'm still really proud of this banner. It took me loads of work to get it perfectly right, but in the end I didn't feel it reflected my blog the way I wanted.

What do you guys think? Please leave a comment with more inspiration for my banner or tell me which banner you like better!


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