Foodie Penpals

Ever since I saw a post about Foodie Penpals on Wallflower Girl, I've wanted to join this crazily weird program. Every month people send each other a box of food in which they get to try new foodie things. I signed up as soon as I could only to realize that they don't actually send parcels in December. I suppose that month is too busy for most people. Let's be fair, it was too busy for me as well. Then again, this month is equally hectic and so will next month as well at the very least and I still joined.

I got to send a package to Claire from Clairey Fairy's Cooking (you've got to love the name right?) and she loved it! Which means I nailed the first challenge! We mailed back and forth a few times and she's this lovely talkative and busy mommy who already inspired me to use my leftover marzipan in a cake, which I still haven't actually got around to baking yet. I swear I will soon! It's a good thing marzipan doesn't expire actually.

The next challenge was receiving a parcel from Bighomebird from Thrift Street and writing a post about it on this very day. Take a look at all the stuff I got!

No wait, let's not forget the card. And two lemony recipes that I have yet to try. Although both recipes are Christmas recipes, Lemon Glazed Vanilla Biscuits and Lemon Snowballs, I think I'm going to try them somewhere between now and summer. I feel lemon is much more suitable for getting into the sunny feeling rather than the Christmas feel. I hope you guys will forgive me if I make a post for Christmas cookies this summer...

So let's talk about what I actually got! First, there's honeycomb. I've been dying to try honeycomb ever since I lived in Belfast and I somehow just didn't get around to buying it. Honeycomb is just crunchy bits that taste slightly like honey and lots like sugar. The term honeycomb actually comes from the texture of the sweets rather than the flavour.

The white chocolate is also a gift from heavens. I've been staring at too many cookie recipes that involve white chocolate, but just couldn't get myself to buy baking white chocolate. Normal white chocolate just burns in my oven, so I need something special which unfortunately always means expensive. Now, I don't have to torture myself into buying these anymore!

Then there's the coffee chocolate beans and the marshmallows. There's nothing more to say at this point. Coffee & chocolate is one of the best flavour combinations ever. And marshmallows, well, I'm still debating whether I should put them on hot chocolate with cream, or hot chocolate without cream. Or maybe in cookies?

Freeze-dried raspberries taste like raspberries, but then dried. The little chunks make them perfect for sprinkling! I have no actual idea about what to do with them yet. I think putting them inside cookies or cupcakes would ruin them. I doubt you would be able to taste them much. Any suggestions?

To be honest, I hope they will last until that moment I know what I should use them for. Because currently, the box of honeycomb and coffee chocolate beans have nearly halved before I even got anywhere close to baking anything with them. 

That's it! I hope you liked this slightly different post. If you happen to live in Europe and you'd love to join Foodie Penpals as well, which I could totally recommend, you can find more information and join through Thisisrocksalt. If you don't happen to live in Europe, there is also a Foodie Penpals for people in the US and Canada and I've heard of Foodie Penpal-projects in some places as far as Kenya as well.

Please tell me if you have any brilliant ideas on how to use my lovely new ingredients! What would you do with micro marshmallows? What's your favourite white chocolate recipe?


  1. Just the idea of a 'pen pal' brings me back to a simpler time. Add on some treats and goodies and it's ten times better! You got some lovely surprises - it sounds like such fun!

    1. Haha, it is! I used to have pen pals when I was younger as well - heaven knows where they've all gone. This was a really nice opportunity to get to know more people with an element of surprises!

  2. This sounds like such a great idea! I'm in Europe but travelling a lot at the moment, but maybe some time down the track I'll join in with this too. Sounds like a lot of fun! Great to find another European food blog by the way! :-)

    1. It is! I like how it creates a sort of closeness, or community, between the bloggers in Europe. Got to love that part of blogging! I'll be looking forward to seeing you on the list then! ;)


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