Something rainbow, something charcoal black - February Foodie Penpals

It's another month of Foodie Penpals! I can't believe how time flies sometimes! I also can't believe it's already been a month since the last package! More exclamation marks!!!! (<- means it's true!!! [<- and that too!! {and.. okay nevermind..}]) Yes, let's get on with it before this turns awkward.

I got to send a package to Steph over at Tub on the Run. We didn't send many emails to each other, but there were sooo many words in them! We should have gotten grades for the essays we've been writing. Putting her package together, I had absolutely no inspiration and decided to a product of every single colour to make all the colours of the a very roughly and imaginative rainbow! And she said she loved it! Actually, come to think of it, she never told me whether she saw that rainbow...

Of course I got a package myself too. Rock Salt sent me all the goodies you see in the pictures. There was so many good about these goodies. First of all: those packages! I have an awkward obsession with packages that went so far that I dumped all the decorations in my room and just put colourful bottles and tea boxes and tin cans all over the place. And I'm not even kidding.

Just like Rock Salt I'm loving the package of Deep Black Charcoal Hearts. The biscuits come in a lovely package, in a cute tray (yes, I suddenly feel peckish) and have actual charcoal as ingredient (Omg, what? Really? No way! Wauw.). Oh, and they're in a heart shape. Ah yes, and they tasted good too. Curiously good, but definitely good.

Then there's apple crumble shortbread and real milk chocolate caramel wafer biscuits. I don't think I need to say anything about these. Who does not love chocolate, caramel or apple crumble? I don't think I'd like you very much if you didn't like any of these. You might need to check if you exist, because I'm sure it's not possible.

Also, there's gold leaf in a little envelope. Oh I really can't wait to try that on something that is 100% chocolate. Something sachertorte or bonbons, something rich, something decadent and something that screams "Gold!".

Lastly, there was a whole bag of rhubarb and custard candies. I really liked the idea and I do think rhubarb and custard really match together (especially if you add strawberries as well), but to me this candy didn't taste like either of them. Maybe my taste-buds are no good, but this candy just tasted like candy. But they're nice and super colourful, so in the end who cares?

Thank you so much Steph and Rock Salt for this amazing Foodie Penpals month!

Anyone in Europe who wants to join this lovely project of sending random bloggers foodie presents? Check this link for more information. I could totally recommend it and I would love to see you there so I can shower you in whatever food I can think of!


  1. Hey! I'm so glad you liked your parcel - and you are absolutely right, those sweets taste of sugar and not of rhubarb OR custard! We just take it for granted here that that's how they taste. I almost sent you pear drops, which taste nothing like pears and a lot like nail polish remover. In a good way...?

    1. I'm glad you added "in a good way" otherwise I mightve gotten worried. Then again.. maybe it's a bit worrisome that something tastes like good nail polish remover? Something doesn't sound right about that...
      Thanks for taking care of me this month! :)

  2. I definitely saw the rainbow! :) The apple crumble biscuits sound like little chunks of heaven!

    Argh I am so jealous of your photography skills!

    Thank you again for the amazing parcel you send me - it is, to quote Kevin Bacon, totes amazeballs! xx

    1. Haha, Im reallyreallyreally glad you liked it! :D And that you saw the rainbow! It means I'm not the only crazily imaginative person in this world!!

  3. How fun! So many interesting and unique products! And you got gold leaf?!?!?! Awesome! You seriously have to come up with something super-cool to do with that. Yep - something chocolate, for sure!!! :D

    1. Yes!! I really should! I'm just so afraid to use it now... I still haven't thought of anything good enough to go with it. I have this feeling I might never find a use for it at this rate!


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