All the things we're missing out on...

So a whole week has gone by and I'm pretty late with posting, but I have found a recipe to share! Along with 2 festivities we've been missing out on. Well, I have at least...

White Day (14 March) - Remember the Japanese Valentine's Day? Women give presents to their male family members, friends, colleagues and their lovers (occasionally to female friends). On White Day it's the men's turn to return these gifts. The rule is to give something 2-3 times the worth of the present they've gotten. Just like Valentine's day, this day started out purely as a commercial stunt. This time a Marshmallow company started the hype and to this day most of the presents given are white (white chocolate, white lingerie, white cookies, etc.), hence the name White Day. White Day started out in Japan (around 1977-1980!), but has now also spread out to surrounding countries such as Korea and China.

Saint Patrick's Day (17 March) - The day on which we commemorate the Irish Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick is credited for bringing Christianity to Ireland. Legend has it he used a shamrock to explain the holy trinity to the pagans, which is why to this day the shamrock is Ireland's national symbol. So St. Patrick's Day started out as a christian commemoration, but has now turned into a festival of drinking, eating and dressing up (in shamrock green!). It is celebrated no longer in only Ireland, but also in other parts of the world where Irish settlers settled down, such as Canada, Great Britain or New Zealand and has even spread to countries such as Japan and Korea (assumingly because the Irish people love spreading the... Guinness?).

The Librarians Recipe
serves 1 - Nanny Ogg's Cookbook

1 banana

1. "Ook" (Translation: Take one banana.)

If you're familiar with Terry Pratchett or the Discworld series, this recipe should sound somewhat familiar. If you're not, then 1) you're totally missing out! and 2) this recipe is a personal favourite of The Librarian of the Unseen University (where unfathomably wise wizards live who grow their beards long to keep their knees warm [that's wisdom for you right there]). The Librarian (not just a librarian, but The Librarian. Please note the caps.) is 'Certainly not a monkey'. It's best not to ask any questions beyond this. But if you need any information from books that bite or make you go mad on sight, he's your man!
Picture from Nanny Ogg's Cookbook, drawn by Master Paul Kidby
No, I'm not cheating! This is one of the best and easiest recipes and definitely super traditional. I'm sure this was a recipe before the word recipes was invented. It totally counts.

I hope everyone has a lovely week! Take care!


  1. Ok, seriously ... I just had no idea how much I'm missing! Well, at least I can say that I for sure have St. Patrick's Day covered - you know, that Shamrock Shake ... :D But White Day (you can bet I just informed my husband about that one!) and the whole Ook/Banana issue ... well, at least now I know - lol! :D

    1. Haha, I wonder if your husband will remember. Im sure you'd be superlucky if he actually still knows about White Day next year!
      On a side note: do not google for festivals or celebrations or anything for this month or any other. There's a holiday on practically every single day of the month!! Well, at least I'll never run out of things to post...


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