From dieting to candy-overdose...

Look! It's another month of Foodie Penpals! Time just keeps on flying! And I get no less nervous and excited about sending and receiving packages.

This time I got to send a package to the lovely lady over at Corpulent Capers. It was my first time sending a Foodie Penpals parcel to someone who didn't want sweets, so I was a bit nervous about how things would go. But turns out she totally loved the (black) Hawaiian salt I sent her! Can I please find a mountain again to scream something along the lines of how awesome I am? I mean: YES! There's no better feeling than sending someone something they like. It's become my monthly dose of self-confidence now!

Then there was a package full of goodies for my monthly dose of calories and foreign food! Christine sent me a parcel full of little things with little notes for me to try. Most of it was gone within a day or two. I mean, look at all that candy! How long would it last for you? I mean, gummy bears are like the best things ever! And I also mean you can never go wrong with caramels that taste like toffee and no words can explain crunchy caramelized almonds in a milka chocolate bar. As in I mean I'd kill to eat that chocolate all over again! (I'm a meaningful person it seems...)

I also got two different types of drinks: a hot and a cold one. I started with the iced tea drink and I was very surprised it worked. I wouldn't have thought putting a teabag in cold water would have much effect. I did put in lots of honey though, as my idea of iced tea has nothing to do with tea. Then, even though the weather is not at all implying we drink hot chocolate anymore, I sneakily had one last night. It's not as chocolaty as home-made hot chocolate, it's very creamy so I was enjoying every sip!

But there was more! These are all things I haven't tried yet though. I can't wait to try the aromas! I wonder if it gives a stronger flavour than the zest and essences I've been using. Oh yes, you can't see on the pictures but I also got a jar of fig jam! I've made quite a few of those last summer, but the one Christine sent me is so much softer than everything I made. I love it! I totally smashed the jar even before I could take a picture of it though. The little bit I managed to save is now sitting in my fridge!

Thank you so much Christine for all the things you sent me this month! And thank you Mrs. from Corpulent Capers for sending me all those lovely e-mails and pictures of socks!! I really enjoyed this month of Foodie Penpals again!

I hope you have a lovely and amazing week!

Anyone in Europe who wants to join this lovely project of sending random bloggers foodie presents? Check this link for more information. I could totally recommend it and I would love to see you there so I can shower you in whatever goodies I can think of!