I finally get a tiny and well deserved (I like to think) vacation! But that means that this week I won't be able to post any recipes, rant about festivities or traditions nor will I be able to post anything for Foodie Penpals. I haven't received my package yet, so I'll post something as soon as I do! (and as soon as I get home again...)

So, in the meanwhile, enjoy this picture of Belgium.  (It's green, its grassy and foresty and really pretty, with LOADS of daisies and dandelions. But also loads of bad weather; that's just our luck really.)


  1. Enjoy your holiday! I adore Belgium - Mum and I are visiting Bruges and Brussels in November for the Christmas markets (our annual highlight!).

    1. It was lovely in Belgium! So green and flowery and foresty everywhere! No doubt it looks way different during Christmas: I'd love to go once too!


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