Catching up with April & a New addition

I'm home again after my little vacation in Belgium! As soon as I came home I went to check if my package for Foodie Penpals arrived. There it was: among the mountain of mail that stacked up in barely 5 days. Sabine from Germany sent me a whole box full of chocolate: chocolate cookies, chocolate cookies, chocolate bar, chocolate bonbons and more chocolates!

Since I just came back from Belgium - the country of bonbons - I didn't dig in straight away so I have no clue what anything tastes like yet! (Except for the Milka and Ferrero Rocher. I'm certain not knowing these is a crime) But it's all chocolate and one can never, ever, ever go wrong with chocolate! (Not even when they've all melted a bit, as you can see on the next picture)

Thank you so much Sabine for taking care of me this month!
Sabine doesn't have a blog for me to refer to, but you can find her right here on Twitter. Of course I didn't just recieve goodies, I also got to send some! I had the honour of sending Zoe a package filled with Dutch Easter breakfast,brunch&lunch thinggies and she said she loved it so far! (Ah, I can nearly feel myself beaming. Love it!)  
Thank you so much for being my Foodie Penpals-partner this month Zoe!

- Ooh, can I show off my new stuff now? Among the mail was also a package with some little trinkets for me to add to my camera tools! First, I got a 5-in-1 multidisc light reflector which is going to be so much fun to play with. But most importantly I got a set of close-up filters! They're tiny little magnifying lenses that I can attach to the lens that's already on my camera. I have wanted a macro lens for so long, but I don't seem to get any richer, so these magnifying filters are perfect for those detailed close-ups until maybe, hopefully and probably one day I'll own one of those macro lenses. Look at what it can do!

Amazing right? At first I struggled with getting the focus right until I realized I had to put my lens practically on top of what I'm photographing. I just love it. Now I can finally take pictures of the morning dew (or sprayed water) on grapes and the lines in a white chocolate bonbon -from my package- with everything else going blurry (also called bokeh). From now on I'll only show you the crumbs on the cakes I make!

Thank you for following my rantings again! I'm going to be back very soon with recipes and a post on Belgium and it's food and hopefully I will be able to replicate some of the deliciously spiced 'printen' they're so good at!  I hope you have a very lovely week! (you know, what's left of it...)

Do you live in Europe and wants to join the lovely Foodie Penpal project of sending random bloggers foodie presents? Check this link for more information. I could totally recommend it and I would love to see you there so I can shower you in whatever goodies I can think of!