The perfect balance between sweet and savoury...

Another month has passed! Writing a Foodie Penpals post every month makes me realize how fast times flies. Every month after month again...  I must be getting old. Luckily there's a whole lot of people on the project who are getting old with me!

Thank you Dawn and Michelle for taking care of for this month of Foodie Penpals!

Everything I got came all the way from Scotland. Starting (because I finished those first) with hand-made oatcakes. They were exactly my kind of treat: I just love nibbling on crackers while I work (need to nibble to get rid of all the stress!). And these oatcakes were stuffed with lots of different seeds. They were delicious! I nearly felt myself getting healthier with each bite...

Secondly, I checked out a jar with 'Rosemary Jelly'. That is something different altogether. As soon as I opened the jar both of my sisters ran squeeling to the other side of the room. A powerful vinegar smell hit me. But then, when you taste it, it is mostly sweet in flavour. It actually has a perfect balance of sweet and savoury in a jar. With only a little hint of rosemary to top it off. I'm still not sure what to use it for though. Does this kind of thing go with cheese? On bread or toast? Do you eat it with meat? I'm afraid that this time I can't depend on my sisters to find out.

Oh, and then the sweet stuff: a chocolate lollipop, seriously buttery shortbread and 'Fruit Nuggets'. The latter especially surprised me. I had no clue what to expect, but they're tiny tiny little candies with a fruity flavour. I still haven't decided whether they feel healthy or just very yummy. They're all gone now, so we'll never know!

I hope everyone has an amazingly and lovely, somehow surprising or somewhat astonishing week! 

Do you live in Europe and wants to join the lovely Foodie Penpal project of sending random bloggers foodie presents? Check this link for more information. I could totally recommend it and I would love to see you there so I can shower you in whatever goodies I can think of!