Japanese iced tea (No sugar involved)

I've been talking about different types of drink for slightly over a month now (I really enjoyed it, did you?). And now the end of this series is drawing - no, correction, it's right here in this post.  In the previous post I shared not just one, but two whole recipe from America. And now I'm kind of cheating - this is the exact same recipe. Without sugar.

But honestly, Japan has such a rich history of tea and a tradition of drinking unsweetened iced tea in summer, I had to mention them separately. Another big difference lies in the tea - Japanese iced tea is more likely to contain green tea or oolong, whereas American iced teas are more often (also) made of black tea. Also, the recipes from Japanese iced tea ask for leaf tea in contrast to the tea bags that many American iced tea recipes use. In the end these difference result in a completely different drink.

The Japanese (Non sweet) Iced tea
1 glass - inspired by Hibiki-an

1 glass of water
1 teaspoon of leaf tea (or teabag)
Ice cubes or crushed ice

1. Make a hot cup of tea and leave to cool. Or, if you want quicker results: make a cup of (hot) tea and instantly cool with ice cubes. *
2. Serve with ice cubes or crushed ice.

* For tips on how to make a perfect iced tea check this post!

The recipes in the link above also describe brewing tea by letting ice cubes melt on top of tea leaves. I haven't tried that method so I have no clue how well this works. I imagine it will take just as long as the hot brew method though; you have to wait for the ice cubes to melt before you can drink it! This type of drink is said to be lower in caffeine, since caffeine dissolves best in hot water. (which is why, when using leaves, you should always throw your first cup of tea away.)

If unsweetened iced tea is not entirely your thing (like in my case) try adding a bit of honey to the tea. I think honey really works wonders with the green tea. A slice of lemon to go with it and it's perect - but that's just me adjusting a traditional recipe to fit my own preferences...

I'm very sorry for making you wait so long for a post! I've been busy preparing - I'd like to write more series like the one I have been doing in the future with roundup posts to finish. That way I can not only summon up and compare different dishes, beverages or goods from all over the world, but also share recipes from other bloggers (like you!). It takes a bit of preparing here and there, but that way I can 1) share way more knowledge and dishes from every corner in the world in less space and time and 2) connect to other bloggers as well as share some amazing recipes that way not always be the most traditional, but are still definitely worth trying!

Please look forward to the roundup posts! And let me know if you're missing any recipe or looking forward to any kind of series or recipes - it'd be amazing to get some feedback!