The Rest of the World in My Oven: Beverages

Recently I made a roundup posts of all the beverages I've been sharing. I was actually quite shocked there were only 7. I've been researching and testing so many drinks - how did I end up posting only seven recipes? Since I don't have the time and space to 'travel' the whole world all by myself (I want to do so many more things than just beverages!) I had some bloggers help me - sort of. Basically I just demanded they let me steal their recipes to share here.

Thank you so much to all the bloggers who let me share their posts! I wish I could taste all of your amazing recipes, but they're on my list now and I'm sure they'll find a way into my kitchen soon! Sangria - from Minimalist Baker

A sweet wine and fresh fruits - the Spanish have been combining it for hundreds of years. Dana stayed true to the Spanish spirit of simplicity by using only 5 ingredients. Mix & match with your own fruits and enjoy! Sharbat 'e Sekanjabin - from Fig & Quince

A sharbat is nothing more than a cool, aromatic syrup-based drink. This one from F&Q is a minty honey syrup. Dilute in iced water and you've got a hot Persian Summer in a cup. It can even be used as a dip for lettuce! Michelada - from cupcakes and cashmere

It could be good for hangovers: this tart and savoury Mexican cocktail, but you can't be sure. What is definitely is, is a spiced beer, tomato juice & lime combination with a whole range of extra ingredients such as chillies and hot sauces. Bread Kvas - from Natasha's Kitchen

This might be the most interesting beverage of all of them - a drink made of bread, yeast and raisins. Kvas is quite a popular drink in Russia and Ukraine and should taste something like a sweet, non-alcohol beer. Will you dare try it? Shamrock Shake - from Two Healthy Kitchens

During Saint Patrick's day, for one day only, everything will turn green: including the drinks! Doesn't this green milkshake remind you of the green shamrocks in the Irish highlands? Obviously THK wouldn't be THK if they didn't health things up along the way! Fura da nono - from Dobby's Signature

Fura da nono is basically a spiced fermented milk-yogurt with several types of flours. It's the only beverage of the bunch that should be eaten with a spoon (does it still count as a beverage?), but will that stop you from trying this Nigerian drink? Iced Masala Chai - from indian simmer

It's a black tea with various Indian spices and herbs and topped off with milk (which is optional!). For those of you who love Masala Chai, but would die, melt or evaporate drinking a hot cup of tea in summer: indian simmer shares a lovely recipe for the iced version! All the rest of the world!

Are there any drinks you'd like to add to the list? Did you recently write a recipe for a traditional drink? Did you see a recipe of a beverage you've been drinking since childhood? Let me know so we can make the list more complete!

The ironic part here is that I was shocked I only shared 7 drinks, so decided to make an extra round-up and came up with another whopping 6 beverages. I'm sure in a world of roughly 196 countries, I'm missing out on a traditional drink or two at the moment.


But who knows really?
I hope you enjoyed the second round-up post I made ever! (two in a row practically counts as one!) Let me know what you think and I hope you have a lovely week!


  1. Dear Siv, what an appetizing round-up and not just saying that because you included one of Fig & Quince's recipes! I'd love to try all of these, and the shamrock shake is really calling my name!

    1. Thank you so much Azita!! Your recipe does make it extra awesome though ;) I really hope you get to try a recipe or two!

  2. Siv, I just love this! It's seriously one of the prettiest, most appealing and organized ways I've seen for presenting a recipe round-up! And the recipes are so great - truly unique and intriguing - I was so excited to show my kiddos! Thanks a million for including our Shamrock Shake, too! We're honored! Hugs! Now, off to Pin ... :D

    1. Thank you so much Shelly! Im really really glad you like it! :D I hope you get to try something as well! (you'll have to tell me how trying to get your kids to drink Fura da nono or Bread Kvas went then though ;) They might like it better on a picture..)


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