The World in my Oven: 7 traditional drinks (Round-up!)

I'm finally ready for the round-up! I've been writing about beverages from all around the world for over a month now - and I only managed to try seven?!! It felt like so much more. I seriously feel like I'm missing something, but no, it was just seven. I hope you enjoy the few beverages I collected for you!

I really enjoyed making the series and I'll definitely continue with these kind of series. It makes more sense somehow - I can predict what I'm going to be researching next myself! Plus that way I can compare the different dishes from all over the world. (Although admittedly 7 drinks is not enough to say anything about different foodcultures across the continents) Anyway, I already have a 'theme' for the upcoming month: from next week on we'll have several weeks to get saucy!! (oh, such a bad pun, such a bad pun..) 1) Iced Tea - from America

Nothing beats the summer better than a cool version of your favourite tea! With 2 methods for making iced tea, only 2 mandatory ingredients and several optional ingredients - there's practically no limit on the variations. And with the 5 tips on making a Good Iced Tea you can't go wrong!
2) White coffee - from Lebanon

This 'coffee' has only two ingredients and neither has anything to do with actual coffee! Serve it after dinner as a warm, caffeïne-free beverage for those who don't want coffee. According to family traditions, this drink aids the digestion and works wonders against stomach aches. 3) Frappé - from Greece

There's not a tourist of Greece that hasn't tried it and no Greek that doesn't drink this on at least weekly basis. This cooling coffee for the summer months uses powdered coffee and (often) condensed milk. It offers a lovely cool & refreshing shot of caffeine and comes in 3 different varieties.
4) Ayran - from Turkey

Another cool drink to energize and vitalize during the summer months. This summer drink uses only 3 ingredients and has a whole range of health benefits.
5) Mango Lassi - from India

Although not the most traditional type of lassi, this drink from India has gained popularity worldwide. With the addition of yogurt and fresh fruit this drink is especially healthy! (Think of all those vitamins and proteins!) The summer-ripe mango's and the (optional) addition of ice make this the perfect summer snack.
6) Iced tea - from Japan

But perhaps you'd like a cool, sugar-free version of your favourite tea much better. With Japan being so rich in the history of tea, we couldn't leave out the iced version they came up with - it's a complete different taste from the American version.
7) Milkshake - from the USA

Then again, forget healthy. This ice-cream cold beverage might be high in calories but it is also rich in memories, history and filled to the brim with pure delight. (Yes, I just said that.)

Altogether it's actually still quite a long list, but there is so much more I could've shared. What kind of drinks are you missing? Do you have any traditional beverages in your country? Let me know! Or let me know what you think of the drinks or the round-up in general. I love getting feedback!

I hope you enjoyed my first round-up (yay!!) and I hope you have a lovely week! (with much better whether than we have over here..)