Rest of the world in my oven: Sauces & condiments

After all the beverages I wanted to share some condiments. Heaven knows where I got the idea, but I wanted to try making some classic sauces myself - mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup just to name a few. How did it go?

The home made Mustard was the greatest success - soooo easy! I was really surprised by how well it turned out. I completely nailed the Sweet & sour chilli sauce as well - they're a weekly request now! (come to think of it - my mom eats a whole jar of sauce per week?!) The only thing I couldn't do was mayonnaise. Why is that so hard? It turned out as a solid oil which was completely inedible. Do you think you can do it better?

Thank you so much to all the lovely bloggers who let me share their posts! I wish I could taste all of your amazing recipes, but they're on my list now and I'm sure they'll find a way into my kitchen soon! Tomato Ketchup

This must be one of the most classic of classics. Name me a country that doesn't know ketchup. With fresh tomatoes and a whole range of spices this home-made ketchup might be slightly different from the store-bought ones. But that only makes it better! Thai sweet & sour chili sauce

Sweet and sour chili sauce is unmistakably intertwined with the Asian cuisine. It's at least as popular all over the world as it is in Asia. The perfect balance between the 3 flavours makes this condiment suitable for anything. Literally anything. Mustard

There's no excuse for skipping this. You'll always find a use for mustard. You'll always need mustard. And you'll never buy mustard again as soon as you give this a try. It's too easy! It's delicious! And the variations are endless! (honey&dill mustard anyone?) Tsatsiki

It doesn't matter if you call it tsatsiki, tzatziki or even zaziki - yoghurt with cucumber and garlic is one of the best things you'll ever have. As a staple Greek dish, this is perfect as a fresh condiment for summer (bbq's!) or as a salad by itself! Mayonnaise - from As easy as Apple Pie

It's my worst nightmare: mayonnaise. But Elena manages to dish up a creamy and delicious mayonnaise in just 30 seconds! Sounds like magic to me. With just 5 ingredients you're bound to have in your kitchen, how many excuses do you have left not to try it? BBQ Sauce - from My Purple Spoon

My idea of barbecue sauce was always "it's sort of like ketchup, but then entirely different!". Many countries actually have their own sorts of bbq sauce. Nicole's version uses tomatoes, vinegar, sugars and spices with the easiest 3-step recipe to bring this classic sauce to your own kitchen! Sambal Oelek - from Partial Ingredients

This Indian red chili paste not only goes well with dishes, but also in those dishes! The combination of hot chillies, spices, hints of savoury and sweetness would be a lovely addition to marinades, (tomato)sauces, soups, salads or even omelets! Cranberry chutney - from FoodApparel

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up you'll need cranberries. How about this year we skip the cranberry sauce and go straight for chutney? The balance of sweet & savoury will pair perfectly with cheeses and meats or your festive turkey!

So what do you think? Are you going to start making your own condiments? With so many easy recipes, honestly, how many reasons do you have left NOT to make your own delicious home-made sauces?

I hope you enjoyed the round-up post! Let me know what you think.. Leave a comment, a mail or a just little hint somewhere for me to find. I hope you have a lovely weekend! (what's left of it at least..)
- Siv


  1. Thank you for including my recipe :) This is a beautiful roundup!

    1. Thank you so much Elena! :) And thank you for letting me share your lovely recipe! ;)


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