Pickles - in your own flavour!

Now, in the mid-to-end summer season my garden is exploding with cucumbers. They are literally popping out of the ground like daisies! I'm getting roughly 4 cucumbers every day. The small pickling cucumbers are ready as well. So of course you can find me in the kitchen now, dishing up this family favourite pickle recipe.

This recipe is an experiment from me and my mom - the original recipe asked for 2 liters water and roughly 200 grams salt. It was way too salty for our taste and a bit of the vinegar was missing. Although the brining was a lot of fun, we set out to find a different recipe. This vinegar recipe with lots of spices & herbs was spot-on for us!

2-3 jars

1,5 liter water
130 grams salt
0,5 liter vinegar
2  tablespoons sugar
2-4 tablespoons peppercorns
2-4 tablespoons mustard seeds
20 garlic clove
about 20 small pickling cucumbers
Other herbs and spices like chives, parsley, chilli peppers and dill.

1. Add the water, salt, vinegar and sugar to a large pan. Bring to a boil. If desired, add a spoon mustard seeds, some peppercorns and garlic. This will increase the flavour of the herbs and spices you want to add.
2. When all the salt is dissolved, turn off the fire and leave to cool.
3. Do not peel the garlic, but cut off the bottom of each clove. Fill a big jar (or several) with pickles and add mustard seeds, peppercorns, the garlic and other herbs or spices of choice.
4. As soon as the water has cooled down, pour it over the pickles. Fill every jar up and close.
5. Leave for 2-4 days for the pickles to soak up the flavours. If you have cut the pickles in slices already, 1-2 days is enough. Keep the pickles in the fridge once the jars are opened.

We like to create different flavours every time. For instance, we've made pickles with dill and pickles with chilli & garlic. We've also made chives, garlic & parsley. They're delicious every time. The pepper and mustard seeds are a must in our house though. We could almost fill a jar with just those!

If you slice cucumbers or pickling cucumbers very thinly, and then add the pickling solution to them - you'll be able to eat them within an hour! As long as you have the solution cooled down you can almost instantly serve more pickles.

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