Mik's Mostly Original Tiramisu

For one of the first posts I wanted to throw in something that is years old, but so super reliable I couldn't leave it out. The pictures (which I think are terrible) keep flying by and this recipe holds so many memories - I just had to include it here.

Incidentally, this is also a lot closer to the first and very original Tiramisu than my version. My version, for instance, is egg-free, more refreshing in flavour and it's quite versatile (think substituting coffee and liquor or adding extras). On the other side, the original version depends heavily on the coffee and amaretto. It also contains raw eggs. If you're getting scared - quickly head over to this lovely version of tiramisu.

If you're ready for some REAL Tiramisu, then keep on reading...

Because I'm getting right into it!

Mostly Original Tiramisu
makes one - recipe by Mike

2 egg whites*
4 egg yolks*
100 grams powdered sugar
500 grams mascarpone
2-4 tablespoons amaretto (or to taste)
(double) espresso
30-40 lady fingers
cacao powder

1. Whip the egg whites until soft peaks form.
2. Whip the egg yolks with 65 grams powdered sugar and 1-2 tablespoons amaretto (more to taste) until creamy.
3. Fold the mascarpone into the egg yolks. Be careful not to overmix - mascarpone tends to turn soft very fast.
4. Lastly, fold in the egg whites and set the mascarpone aside (preferably in the fridge).
5. Make an espresso. Stir in 35 grams powdered sugar and 1-2 tablespoons amaretto (or more) and set aside to cool.
6. Now gather all your ingredients and start assembling: First dip a lady finger into the espresso and place it in your pan/baking tray/cake tin. Keep adding lady fingers until you've covered the whole bottom of your pan with soaked lady fingers. Then spread the mascarpone on top - divide depending on how many layers you want. I wanted 2 layers of lady fingers and mascarpone, so I used half of my mascarpone for the first layer. Spread the mascarpone out evenly. Then cover the layer of mascarpone with more lady fingers soaked in espresso. And lastly, cover everything evenly with mascarpone. (Or continue making layers until you run out of mascarpone and lady fingers.)
5. Cover and leave in the fridge to set for at least 3-5 hours until the mascarpone is set. The longer you leave it to set, the more the flavours have a chance to develop. Tiramisu is at it's best if you leave it to develop the flavours for at least one day.
6. Just before serving, sprinkle cacao powder over the top of the tiramisu.

* You can actually add the other two egg whites for a lighter mascarpone.

My boyfriend loves this recipe. Obviously- because it's his own. I'm not sure which version of tiramisu I like better. This version is very rich, creamy and contains more alcohol. Whereas mine is somehow lighter, fresher and has a stronger coffee flavour. They both call for different occasions or moods.

In the post on my version of tiramisu I tried finding and explaining the original tiramisu. I know my version is definitely not the original as it contains both lemon and vanilla. There's a lot of things the original tiramisu isn't, but there isn't really any consensus on what it is. During my research I came accross this quote: "It is best to try al tiramisu!!!". With three exclamation marks you know it has to be true!!! (see what I did there?) It's also the best advice I can give!

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